Herndon Parkway Crossing

905 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA 20170


(demos within 1 mile radius)

Population 26,321
Daytime Population 20,428
Vehicles per Day 39,700 on Herndon Parkway

Site Map

Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
1        Desi Chowrastha
2 1,525   At Lease
3 5,275   PM Pediatrics
4 1,200   Grill Kabob
Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
5 1,200   Available
6 2,400   Potbelly Sandwich Shop
7        Capital One Bank


Christian Kingston

Senior Director of Leasing and Brokerage

Herndon Parkway Crossing is a neighborhood center centrally located in the city of Herndon close to Dulles International Airport.  The center is visibly situated with easy access off Elden Street & Herndon Parkway. Cotenants include Potbelly, Capital One, and PM Pediatrics.