601 New Jersey Ave NW

Washington, DC


(demos within .5 mile radius)

Household Income $113,861
Population 14,668
Daytime Population 56,790
Vehicles per Day 21,000 on New Jersey Avenue

Site Map

Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
1 6,588   Florida International University
2        The Ministry Coffee
3 3,217   Beta Technologies
Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
4 1,914   Office Space
5 2,105   SUNdeVICH


Mike Howard

Executive Director of Brokerage

Zach Elcano

Senior Leasing Representative

Located at the intersection of two active Washington, DC, avenues, 601 New Jersey Avenue NW offers an urban oasis for tourists and working professionals alike to stroll the avenues and discover charming, unique places to relax, dine and shop. Up to 8,693 demisable retail space for Capitol Hill's go-to lunch and happy hour spot.