20 M Street

20 M Street S.E., Washington, DC 20003


(demos within 1 mile radius)

Household Income $161,803
Population 39,220
Daytime Population 79,371
Vehicles per Day 52,300 on South Capital Street

Site Map

Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
1        Fitness Center
2 2,236   Available
Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
00003        Systems Planning and Analysis
4 3,406   DC Federal Credit Union


Greg Hull

Senior Director of Leasing and Brokerage

20 M Street is a 190,000 square foot freestanding Class 'A' office building comprised of 10 stories.  20 M Street is located in the Capitol Riverfront District, offereing extraodinary advantages through its riverfront location and proximity to Capitol Hill.