600 13th Street NW

Washington, DC 20005


(demos within .50 mile radius)

Household Income $127,681
Population 7,863
Daytime Population 129,781
Vehicles per Day 17,700 on 13th Street NW

Site Map

Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
1        Mastro's Restaurant
2 4,607   Available
Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
3 1,624   Available


Mike Howard

Executive Director of Brokerage

Melissa Webb

Executive Director of Brokerage

With a pronounced corner location in the heart of Downtown DC, 600 13th Street Northwest is at the intersection of culture, entertainment, fashion and tourism. Whether it’s the Capital One Arena to the East, the White House to the West, The Convention Center to the North or the Smithsonian to the South, 600 13th Street Northwest connects with the foot traffic of the District’s most desired experiences. From lawyers to lobbyists, foodies to fashionistas, ticket-holders to tourists this block has daily and year-round activity to keep retailers successful.