Skyland Town Center

Alabama Avenue Southeast, Washington, DC 20020


(demos within 1 mile radius)

Household Income $56,057
Population 38,379
Daytime Population 20,716
Vehicles per Day 14,400 on Alabama Avenue and Good Hope Road

Site Map

Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
A 14,802   Edenbridge Health
B2 3,209   Skyland Workforce
C 2,500   Starbucks
D 2,532   Available
E 3,265   TREK Bikes
F 1,478   Available
G1 2,298   Jersey Mike's Subs
G2        Available
G3 2,898   Available
H 10,032   CVS Pharmacy
J1 3,591   Chase Bank
J2 2,442   Available
K 2,853   Lease Pending
M 1,521   Available
N 2,225   Roaming Rooster
Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
O1 1,200   Available
O2 2,400   Phone Spot
P 1,573   Like That Barber Shop
R1 6,638   Available
R2 5,481   Available
T1 3,950   Halfsmoke
T2 2,859   Skyland Nail Salon & Spa
U2 7,048   Community Education Research Group
V 29,136   Lidl
W 2,109   Mezeh
X1 1,728   Maizal
X2 1,216   Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Y 2,033   PNC Bank
Z 2,124   &pizza


Skyland Town Center is an 18.5-acre, mixed-use residential and retail development, set to become the largest retail development in southeast Washington D.C.  Skyland Town Center occupies an underserved retail market in Wards 7 and 8, filling a demand for grocery shopping and dining that was previously unavailable in the community.  The arrival of the German grocer Lidl marks the first full-service grocer to operate in the area in over a decade.  Skyland Town center is set to welcome other notable businesses such as &pizza, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Mezeh, PNC Bank, and the first drive-thru Starbucks in D.C.