Waverly Village

3546 Plank Road, Fredericksburg, VA


(demos within 1 mile radius)

Household Income $112,351
Population 4,482
Daytime Population 11,984
Vehicles per Day 80,000 on Plank Road (Rt. 3)

Site Map

Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
1 1,000   Deli Martinez
2 4,000   VKB Kitchen & Bath
3 3,000   Mattress Factory
4 2,000   A+ Driving School
Suite Sq. Ft. Tenant 2nd-Generation
5 6,600   FedEx Office
6 5,000   Available
7 5,000   Otani Japanese Steak House
8 18,700   Available


Susan Bourgeois

Executive Director of Leasing and Brokerage

Patrick Culbert

Senior Property Manager

Directly visible from high-traffic Route 3 (Plank Road), Waverly Village encompasses convenience and accessibility for Fredericksburg residents, shoppers, and professionals in the heart of the retail hub for the city.  With 45,300 SF, this shopping center features four distinctive entrances, a blended tenant mix of national retailers for essential, service, and dining offerings.  Plenty of pylon signage, parking, and a town square-like design create an ideal shopping experience for the community.